Flavour, Cooking, and Food

tomato-769999_640Here’s why putting tomatoes in the fridge makes them tasteless

(New Scientist, 17 October 2016)

Many of us know that refrigerating tomatoes destroys their flavor. Here’s the science to explain why.


Expert nose: we can sniff out over a trillion smells

(New Scientist, 20 March 2014)

For decades, everyone thought our noses could only detect about 10,000 smells. Turns out our noses are much better than we think. (Other researchers have quibbled with the “1 trillion” number, but everyone agrees that we can smell many more than 10,000 different odors.)


The real first farmers: How agriculture was a global invention

(New Scientist, 28 October 2015)

The origin of agriculture was a lot more diffuse and gradual than most people realize. Here’s a look at archaeologists’ latest thinking.


mg20727691-200-1_300Veggie world: Why eating greens won’t save the planet

(New Scientist, 14 July 2010)

There’s no question that Earth would be better off if most of us ate less meat. But it may not be wise to give it up entirely. Here’s why.


Bon appetit!

(New Scientist, 18 February 2006)

An interview with Harold McGee, author of the authoritative work on the science of food and cooking